Services + Book a Tour

standard blog/booktube tour

A typical tour spans about a week, where the book is spotlighted on a few of the hosts’ platforms (whether it be their blog or their booktube) each day. Each host will leave their review of the book and also promote the book on their other social medias, such as Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Tumblr, etc. Each host can choose to spotlight the book on their platform however they wish, though we do encourage creative content such as journal spreads, books as outfits, interviews, and any other creative ideas they come up with.

The publisher/author can choose to change up the tour structure if they see fit. Each tour will have around 15 participants but might be more depending on interest. 

instagram tour

An Instagram tour is similar to a blog tour, but with a focus on creative pictures showcasing the book. Each bookstagrammer must include a review in their caption, or include a short review and a link to the full review on their Goodreads/blog/booktube. We choose around 15 people for Instagram tours, but this can be modified as per the publisher/author’s request.

cover reveals

We pick around 15 people for cover reveals, where the participants must post the cover reveal by a time set by the publisher or author. These can be on any platform, but once again, this is modifiable as wanted. 

arc requests

If you’d like to offer copies of your released or unreleased book in exchange for a review, we can send out mails to our tour hosts with the information so they can reach out!

If you’re interested in booking a tour with us, email us the following information

submit a request

  • publisher (or mention that it’s self-published)
  • book information: book title, genre, age range, author, synopsis, author bio/links, pub date
  • type of tour you’re interested in booking, dates you want to book the tour + any modifications you would like to make
  • other relevant information
  • For both blog/booktube tours, the tour hosts will need ARCs of the book. Please tell us what format(s) you offer for the books – we accept both physical and digital. If the publisher would like to distribute digital ARCs via Edelweiss or Netgalley, we will be able to provide email addresses to send the ARCs to.

 We will get back to you within 5 business days with a follow-up!